Black Ops Oldschool Allstars - LIMITED EDITION

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Black Ops Oldschool Allstars

The image consists of uniquely modeled characters from the zombie series Black Ops & Black Ops 2 who gather in the jungle of Shangri La to stop you from solving the secret Easter Egg. The image was made in special dimensions to give the event a setting, which gives a dimensional depth structure through its 4k resolution. Its lightness and a glossy surface make it the perfect wall mural. In addition, it includes 2 magnets for a clean attachment. The standard version is available without ZEC logo and inscription 'out of service' on the bus.

Details- Image size: width 70cm x height 40cm - Resolution: 3840 x 2160 - Copyright: Colin & eXo BeRLiN - Characters: Pentagon Thief, Bus with T.E.E.D., Nova Crawler, Astronaut, Brutus, Maxis Drone, Panzer Soldier, Shrieker, Zombie from Nacht der Untoten, 2 Space Monkeys and Hell Hound - Material: Alu-Dibond* *DIBOND: Is the world's first aluminum composite panel developed specifically for the display sector. The composite consists of two 0.3 mm thick aluminum face sheets and a polyethylene core. Direct prints on Alu-Dibond are waterproof, color-fast and accurate in every detail. This makes them suitable for protected outdoor areas and bathrooms.