Damaged Perk A Cola Cans from Cold War Bundle 10 Can Set

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If you want the Cold War can bundle but you don't care what it looks like on the back or on the side * then this is just the thing for you!

* Appearance, our main photo proves that even badly damaged cans look good!

This is about damage to the can, labels are being re-attached.

Unfortunately, this batch of cans arrived in a condition that was not acceptable to us.

Since these do not reach the high standards of Perk A Cola, we offer them in 3 different damage classes.

1. Acceptable (50% discount)

2. Bad (75% discount)

3. Very bad (90% discount)

This offer consists of 10 cans, also known as 10 Perk A Cola cans in the Cold War Merchandise category. No cans are sold individually.

These photos show damaged cans, but the damage may vary. It is always important to pay attention to which damage class is selected.